Increase today's * card limit

It is not always convenient that this function increases the limit only in the selected deck but does not affect its subdeck. I suggest adding a check mark, when enabled, the limit will also be increased for subdeck. Or enter some syntax in which it will work. For example:
5 - increase the deck limit by 5
5* - increase the deck + subdeck limit by 5


You can increase in the subdeck you would like to study from. It should automatically increase in the parent deck.

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This is what I’m trying to avoid, it’s not very convenient to go into a subdeck with an unknown nesting.If you increase the subdeck limit, nothing will change in the parent deck.There are several solutions that cannot always be applied. That’s why this offer appeared.
You can have a higher limit in subdeck than in parent decks. Then, when you increase the limit in the parent deck, you will not have to worry about a shortage in the subdeck. But such a sequence of cards is not always necessary.
You can increase the limit in the “Today only” and “Save to All Subdecks” presets. But if your subducks had different presets, then this is not an option.

[I’m not saying you can’t have your suggestion. Just offering a way to work with things for now.]

If this is something that you want to be able to reliably do, just set up your decks so that you control all of you New-card-limits at the subdeck level, and leave the parent deck unlimited. Then you can target the specific subdeck you want to increase with a today-only limit, and those cards will filter up to the parent deck.