Incorrect number of due cards

I am having trouble with the number of review cards that show up. It does not show the correct number of cards that are due for review that day. For example, on the home screen of both the app and desktop it will show 100 review cards today. However, when I open the actual deck it shows a larger number, like 150 for example. Then when I complete the 100 cards that it says is due, it will go into the negatives until the last 50 are done. Is there something that can be done to show the correct number of review cards from the beginning?

Please see Negative number of words - #16 by Kirill

Thank you for the response. My settings for new cards/day is 9999 and max reviews/day is 9999. It still shows negative cards. Will I just have to wait for it to be worked out?

I also noticed that my ipad has review cards that do not show up on my laptop. I’ve tried to force a sync, but the cards on the ipad do not show up. For example, I’ll do all my cards on my laptop, but my ipad will show that I have cards left. Is there a fix for that too? Thanks

Some of your subdecks have a 200 review/day limit. If you set them to 9999 as well, I think you should find the problem goes away.

You have burying enabled for review cards, so that issue is perhaps the same as this one here? Unburying works differently on Anki Desktop, AnkiWeb and iOS App - #2 by dae

Thank you! That fixed it.