Incorrect number of cards in study for burying cards

When the “Bury related … until the next day” option is enabled then the anki shows the wrong number of cards.

For example:

  1. I have 3 new and 3 review siblings cards (front-back and back-front)
  2. Starting to learn. Anki show: 3(blue) + 0 (red) + 3(green). It is right.
  3. I answer 1 review card. Anki show: 3(blue) + 0 (red) + 2(green). It is wrong, because now 1 new card is burying. Must be: 2(blue) + 0 (red) + 2(green).
  4. I answer 1 new card. Anki show: 2(blue) + 0 (red) + 2(green). It is wrong, because now 1 new and 1 review cards is burying. Must be: 1(blue) + 0 (red) + 1(green).
  5. I answer 1 review card and the learning stops. But the Anki showed us that we need to study 4 more cards, not 1.

So this means:

  1. If we start learn 100(blue) + 0 (red) + 100(green) cards.
  2. 99 cards were answered.
  3. Then Anki shows that we need to learn 101 cards: 50(blue) + 0 (red) + 51(green).
  4. This may mean that we need to learn 101 more cards or 1 card (because 99 is burying) or a different number of cards.

This is sometimes very confusing.

Anki version 2.1.35

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The counts are not currently updated in real time when cards are buried; this may change in the future.