Learning Cards not showing up when studying a deck or a subdeck

when I’m studying an anki deck, I can’t see the “learning cards” after going through the deck for a little bit. And this is what it shows on the screen:

See how it shows +8 in shaded color? Those are the cards I need to review. Also, I already made sure the number of reviews per day limit is 9999.

please let me know how I can fix this issue.

That “+8” indicates those cards are buried. Studying - Anki Manual

What are your Burying settings for this deck? Deck Options - Anki Manual

This is my burying settings

These cards will show up later on in the day if I click on the deck again, so I feel like it is a glitch or something. Because they will show up and then disappear, and then appear again. I’m not sure how I can fix that. I’ve already updated my anki but it hasn’t changed.

That’s strange that it would be repurposed for something else …

Will you run a search for is:learn in the Browse window to get a look at some of these?

  1. Are they indicated as “buried” in the list – rust-tone highlight, due date in parentheses?

  2. On the Card Info, what are their current intervals? You mentioned they show up later in the day, so what’s your learn-ahead limit (Tools > Preferences > Review)?

  3. Are any of these “interday” learning cards, leftover from yesterday (you should be able to tell that from the Card Info as well)?

  4. I can see this is the options set for 317 decks – is that all of your decks? Any chance this deck in another preset?

  5. Have you manually buried any cards today?

  6. Do you have any add-ons related to card counters, or that modify your display, or that bury cards?

Please try the steps on Troubleshooting - Anki Manual before you proceed further.

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