Inactivity warning, but I'm active?

I recently got an account expiry warning for inactivity on my account. I had received it as an email around a few days ago. However, I have been consistently active every day on Anki. I have reviewed the email associated with both the syncing under tools < preferences < syncing. It is the same one that has received the warning. I make sure to review my cards every day. I recently synced as well, three days after the warning, just to be safe. Should I be good, or is my account in jeopardy? I have begun the process of backing up my cards.

I received the reply from if that’s of any help. It could very well just be a fake address, but I’m not a hundred percent sure. It’s my first time on the boards, so please excuse me if I accidentally do something wrong.

As far as I know,

Each time you visit, or use the synchronisation feature in Anki, AnkiMobile or AnkiDroid, your account will automatically be marked as active.

So being active here refers to using your AnkiWeb account, not Anki itself. If you have been syncing with your account it should be fine.

Your account’s data will only get deleted after 6 months of inactivity. If you sync, or log in to the account it should get marked as active.

One more thing, it is the data associated with your AnkiWeb account that will get deleted, not the account itself. You still would be able to use your account after data deletion.


Ah, okay! I had been logging in to AnkiWeb as well, but I did make sure to log out and then back in just in case. Thank you for the reply!!! Glad to know my account should be fine in the end. I’ll make sure to monitor for any changes or deletions just in case. :slight_smile:

If you got that warning email when you actually have been active on your AnkiWeb account, we should definitely look into why that happened, because that’s unusual.

Can you verify a few details for me?

Is there any chance you have another AnkiWeb account that is associated with a different email account that forwarded that email to you? A different inactive AnkiWeb account would explain that email, so I want to make sure you checked what address the inactivity email was sent to – not just where you eventually received it. But if you’re sure about the addresses matching, that’s great.

Had you been syncing regularly before that sync? Or is it possible that you actually hadn’t synced in the past 6 months? You also said that you “had been logging in to AnkiWeb.” Either syncing or directly using AnkiWeb to study should be enough to keep your account active, so if you’re doing those things, we’d like to make sure this email didn’t get sent to you in error.


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Oops. Sorry I haven’t seen this. I don’t typically use this email all that much.

I have indeed been syncing regularly before I got the warning. I had been syncing every day up to that point. Although I don’t use Anki as much anymore, it’s still been in a shorter duration than in the past six months. Pretty sure it’s the same email. I just checked.

When was the email dated?

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It was dated on Friday, March 8th, at 9:34 AM.

Hi, I faced the same issue today. I use Anki very regularly, I sync multiple times (5-10 times per day) a day as I tend to do my cards throughout the day and I have a 300-day streak, so definitely no inactivity here. However, when I finished a short session on AnkiDroid earlier and went to the home page, where it normally auto syncs, it told me that my account was disconnected and that it needed to be re-verified by logging into AnkiWeb. Luckily, it was a straightforward process, since all I had to do was log into AnkiWeb and it immediately/automatically sent the necessary email, and it allowed me to sync after clicking the link in the email.

Here is the copyable contents of the email I received (I can’t link screenshots it seems):

Email Verification

AnkiWeb needs to confirm your email address is still valid. Please click the link below to confirm you received this mail.

Verify Email

If you’re worried about this email being legitimate, you can visit AnkiWeb directly to confirm your email needs verifying.

Please do not reply to this email, as it was sent from an unattended mailbox. If you have any questions, please post on the [Anki Forums].

This email was received on July 3rd, 5:23 PM PDT / July 4th, 12:23 AM GMT

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Your account expired a month later, as you didn’t act in time. You have started using it again since then, so your account is currently marked as active.

Please see Email verification - Frequently Asked Questions