Recieved an email saying my decks will be deleted

Hey there
I got an email saying as my account has not been used recently, they will be deleting my decks but if I wanted that to stop I had to confirm my email which that fails, so I was trying to change my email and made some errors and then it said too many attempts so no I am stuck. How do I overcome all of this and is there a way I can save my decks? Also, can I change my email tomorrow and if so will it still save all my decks?
Thank you guys for the time it means a lot.

First and foremost you can (and should) do a manual backup of your data:


Once you’ve done a backup (you really should!), you can try syncing. That alone should count as recent activity and prevent your account from being suspended (and it should not require you logging in, if you’re already logged in in Anki).


I’ve sent you another confirmation email, and you have already marked your account as active by syncing. For more info, please see AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions

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