Deleting for inactive use?

I received an email about deleting my acct for inactivity bc it’s free. I bought the unlimited anki and use it daily (almost entirely via iPhone app, but sometimes either on a Chromebook or Mac). I only have one email that I’ve ever used for Anki. So I’m nervous as to why I would get this email and very much do not want to lose my paid acct or decks. Can anyone help?

There’s no such thing as a paid account for Anki. Most of the apps are free, and even for AnkiMobile, it’s a one-time fee for the app, not a subscription for an account.

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Please see AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions and Anki knockoffs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the word Anki not be trademarked?

I love the irony of corporates talking about copyrights and trademarks only when it benefits them. and I won’t even go to LEA.

Legal discussions are best kept off the forum.