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I have installed AnkiDroid 2.17alpha17 version from Github to take advantage of FSRS and native image occlusion. It works fine for a day, but when I try to study cards the next day it says it cannot access my collection. I have provided the relevant screenshots below. When I check the version of Anki after this error it says 2.16.5 instead of 2.17alpha17 I had installed. To fix this I need to reinstall the app. Cany anyone explain whats going on?

Do you have auto-updates turned on? It looks like your phone is returning you to the most recent release.

But the first Beta release of 2.17 just came out too! If you have the Alpha, that means you should now be able to get the Beta release through Google Play.

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I checked setting on AnkiDroid; there is nothing about update or auto-update. Where can I find this setting?

How do I get beta release from Play store? If I open it, there is an option to update the app, but the current version there is 2.16.5.

It’s not an Anki setting. The Play Store controls whether apps can automatically be updated, or have to wait for your approval.

You join the beta program through the Play Store as well. AnkiDroid 2.16 User Manual


Thanks, I sorted it out.

What’s the difference between alpha and beta versions?

AnkiDroid uses those terms in pretty standard ways – Software testing - Wikipedia. And you’re already and Alpha tester, aren’t you?

As I understand it as a lay-person, Alpha-testing is going to come first, and be a smaller group. Alpha testers need to be pretty crash/bug-tolerant while new features stretch their legs. After Alpha reaches a certain level of success, Beta-testing follows, releasing to a wider audience, and looking for glitches that haven’t been caught yet. Beta testers need to have a good eye for what is expected and not-expected, but by Beta, the release is pretty stable and just needs to work out the kinks.

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Ok, thanks for clarification.

Funnily enough, “wider audience” doesn’t happen in practice. Like the beta testers we have are only a thousand more people than the alpha testers lol.

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