Next version release date (Anki Desktop)


I wonder when the next version will be released.

If anyone knows about this, please let me know.

thank you.


I would also like to know as some functions have been added and are not available in Beta 2. Do you have any predictions, @dae ? I’ve already tried using as a developer but apparently I have to compile the files every time and my computer was overheating.

Please don’t study with a dev build. As a contributor to Anki, this makes me nervous. :wink:
There are currenlty quite a few things going on, and I reckon that’s why it’s been a while since the last beta. The current state might not even be stable enough for a beta, and if you publish featrues that have to be scratched later, people will be disappointed.

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Can i ask what is going on right now? ankidroid is also super busy right now and hasnt seen a release in ~6 months but they are playing catching up with you guys

Work on the editor and the scheduler e.g.

Are our decks available for sale in the current app? If there is no such feature, will the in-app sales feature come with new updates?

Paid decks in Anki? Are you coming from one of the mobile Anki clone apps where is might be a mean of monetization?

AnkiDroid stable hasn’t seen a release in 6 months. It actually has very frequent beta releases which have a ton of new features. Of course, they’re still in testing, but for the most part they’re bug free.

No, I’m not coming from there. I do not understand what you wanted to say. I don’t use clone apps. I just asked a question, is there such a feature in the current application or not?

No, and there probably never will be.

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Since you asked for a feature that doesn’t exist in Anki, and to my knowledge isn’t being discussed, I wondered if you might know it from a third-party mobile app and now expect it in the actual Anki desktop app.

Good day… Ankidroid deleted one of my decks offline… how do i get it back

Please see: