AnkiDroid 2.16 release rollout

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If you’re an AnkiDroid user with a recent Android version, and are currently using the 2.15 version of AnkiDroid, please look up AnkiDroid on the Play store. Does the 2.16 update appear downloadable for you, or does it say that the app is too old to run on your device? The new update has been made available to a small fraction of users, and I’m wondering whether the start of the rollout will allow people to download the app at will now, or whether the Play store will continue to block the bulk of users from downloading it.


In Play, on my Samsung S21 Ultra with Android 13 and AnkiDroid 2.15.6 installed, it’s showing “What’s new” as last updated 14 July 2021.

Same for me, on a Samsung Tab S6 Lite, Android 13.

Play Store offered me AnkiDroid 2.16.2 and I updated it successfully on Android 13 but I am a beta tester.

Another beta tester here. Updated to 2.16.2 via playstore.

In Play Store it’s showing “What’s new” as last updated 14 July 2021.
Xiaomi 11T with Android 13.

I’m on Android 12 and it looks like I can install, but if I try the installation fails. Also a beta tester.

Still showing the old version showing a last-update date of 14 July 2021. (Accessing the Google Play Store from Australia.)

I’m not a beta-tester, on Android Pie, and it shows 2021 as the last update.

Thanks all. I’m guessing for existing users, whether you’ll see the update will depend on AnkiDroid’s currently-set rollout percentage. What would be interesting to know is whether that percentage also affects what new users - people who’ve never downloaded the app on their account - see. Not something that’s easy to check when the majority of people here probably have already downloaded it if they have an Android device. :slight_smile:

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There is a discussion about 2.16. No complaints about the installation so far.

2.16 came through for me today.

The AnkiDroid devs increased roll out to 100% of the Play Store user base, so it should be available to everyone that has installed it from there.


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