In a deck of cards, is there a way to get to the count of cloze parents cards?

Hi all,

Thank you for reading this. I was wondering if the following is possible:

In a deck of cards, finding the number of cloze parent cards. So, for example, if out of 50 cards there are only 10 “parent” cloze cards (each with 5 cloze deletions), I would get a number like 10.

Thank you.

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By “cloze parent cards” you probably meaning Notes, am I right?
If the answer is yes, then do the following:

  1. Open “Browse”.
  2. Select a deck.

If you’re using the version 2.1.45+, you should see this option next to the search bar.

Now just change from Cards to Notes.

Then, in the title bar of the window, you should see the number you’re looking for.

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