Improving daily counts

While trying to improve ankidroid’s speed I had an idea that may improve anki too if you agree.

One of the biggest inacuracy with daily counts, I believe, is related to buried sibling. (so I’m now going to assume “bury sibling” is turned on)
E.g. if you have a deck which contains only a single notes with two siblings cards then the deck browser and the overview/reviewer will tell you you’ll see two new cards today. Actually, you’ll only see one, because the sibling will get buried.

I now realized that there is a partial solution which would improve this problem. Having two versions of rslib/src/storage/deck/due_counts.sql, the current one for when the user does not want to see siblings buried, and another version which deals with buried sibling.
The way to do this is quite simple, instead of counting the number of cards, you should count the number of distinct nid.
Of course, it won’t deal with siblings which are in different decks, but in this case it is impossible to know the exact numbers of cards seen in each deck since it may depends on the order in which you select your deck


Thank you for the suggestion Arthur, I will give it some thought.