Accurate new and review count

Currently, future buried cards are not included in the new and review count. It would be nice to have an accurate count of new and review cards for that day (even if it’s a setting that’s off by default). If this is difficult to implement for some reason, I’d appreciate if you could explain why.

Can you explain what you mean by “future buried cards”?

Are you asking about the new and review figures on the main Decks page?
Or on a Deck’s own study page?
Or …?

If you have sibling burying turned on, the main Decks page will show you the full number of available cards (up to your limits) –
and the study page will separate out the expected-to-be-suspended-today cards in gray –

For Review cards – this count includes cards that are due today (or overdue), but not any cards that are due in the future.

Ah, I’m dumb, didn’t notice that. (It’s mostly an issue on ankidroid, but I’ll go ask about it on the github. Thought it was also an issue on the site, but must have misremembered). Sorry for the trouble

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