Importing 3 column table from Word/ Endnote

Hello, I would like to import a table from Word/ Endnote into Anki. The table has 3 columns: 1st column = keyword (front side Anki card). 2nd column = explanation (several lines, back of Anki, preferably with key points). 3rd column = optional, image (also back of Anki card). I have already tried various methods (converting to CSV file, …), so far without success. Is there anyone who has found a fix and could provide me with step-by-step instructions? Or is there a plug-in?

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There isn’t a lot to creating a CSV file that Anki can read – Text Files - Anki Manual.

You’re going to need a note type to import them into – it will need to have (at least) 3 fields to receive your 3 columns of data. Get that created inside Anki first.

“Converting” a table in a word processor into a CSV usually just means copying it into a spreadsheet editor, tidying it up, and then exporting it as a CSV (with correct encoding – see the link).

As far as your images, see the link for more about what to do with the images. You’re going to have to save those images as files, and replace the image with a text HTML reference to the file.

After you’ve given that a look, feel free to ask more specific questions.

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