Importing a pre made table: how did they do this?!?!

I bought a vocabulary deck and noticed it has a pre made table that was imported into anki (picture below). The table is part of a larger input inside the same feild.

I want to create my own deck with a similar table. currently i use google sheets to pre make my cards and then I import them as a CSV file. I would not be able to make a table like that in sheets or excel. does anyone know how someone could have made that? or if there are any programs i can import from which allow me to make tables like the one below?

The field Explanation likely contains a HTML table. Personally, I have a few tables I use quite often. I prepared them once in HTML, saved them externally and copy them into the HTML-input window of my note and adjust the content there.

Though please note that putting large amounts of content on one card is not recommend:

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