Flashcards from tables

Does anyone know how to create flashcards from tables?

Create the table, export it as a csv file and import it:


I read that , it didn’t help , but thanks for your attention

If you want help, you should tell us

  • what you want to achieve,
  • what you have tried and
  • what does not work.

This is an example of what I want to achieve. It is a table from pdf which looks different i.e like this
My goal is to copy in this format to make clozed deletion out of tables.
Thank you in advance :pray:

Turning images into text generally works fine, but has limits when it comes to tables or other formatting. Do a search for ocr table to see available solutions unrelated to Anki. Depending on the output format, you could use the result as Anki input.

Another option: use the image directly in Anki and conceal its fields by image occlusion.

Personally, I would identify high-yield content and turn it manually into classical cards, using the image as supplemental information on the answer side.

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