Formatting txt for importing as basic card


I looked at the Anki Manual and did some tweaking here and there but haven’t figured it out.

What I would like to do is to import txt files of following form as the basic cards.

Several trials resulted in the Q parts and A parts being separated into each card.

I would appreciate if you could provide what setting to used when importing things like this.

Each note’s fields should be separated by some common character (e.g. a comma, semicolon, or something else).

Something like this should work in your case:

Q: question for card 1;A: answer for card 1
Q: question for card 2;A: answer for card 2

Please see Anki Manual

Thanks abdo.

I get that. My challenge, I think, was that there were a lot of html tags and it was unclear at which points each note would start and end.