Imported deck isn't sorted according to formation date

I created an anki deck of about 3000 cards. I first exported it for a second user and then opened a new profile and imported it there. (I prepared it for my daughter to learn English and reimported for other daughter.) When I first imported; when I click on the “show imported sentences” button, the sentences were in order according to creation dates. I closed that section and opened Anki.However, when I opened the cards or browsed them, they were not in the order of creation. The cards I created much later were in the front and the cards I created first were in the back. I could not fix this somehow. How can I sort the cards according to their creation dates? I would appreciate any help.

In the card browser there is a sort option in the overflow menu.

Press the three dots on top-right. Click Change display order. In the next menu, click on By created time. If this doesn’t fix the issue, repeat the process as clicking on By created time a second time reverses the order. The newest cards should appear on top after this.

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