Export and keep things in order?

I’m trying to export a deck of cards for my students to study from, and I’d like for them to be in a specific order. I created them in the correct order, and I even set their due order to be correct.

Then I export them to a .apkg. However, when I test the file by opening it with a second, separate version of Anki, they appear to be completely out of order. I’ve tried messing with as many different settings as possible and I can’t get them to import in order.

Does anyone have ideas on how I can get this to work? I thought it did in the past, but it’s never been super important to me.

Here is the correct order:

And here is what I see when I import to another version:

I don’t know why everything changes!

I think imported decks are always sorted by note creation date (provided random order is disabled).
To get the desired creation dates you can export the notes as text, order the notes in th text file and then reimport.

Can you reproduce the problem with the latest Anki version? Cards that are already new should have their current due number preserved when exporting.