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When I import files, I select the file, and it stays on a blank screen of the grey “import files” page and never imports it. I have tried EVERYTHING. I have no add-ons. I have restarted. I have downloaded and tried every version. I have the mac sonoma 14.5 and i have the abki q5 or whatever because all the other versions do not even open. My mac has plenty storage. the file is in the right format and all other friends were able to import it. It wont let me import anyyyy files


i juat downloaded some random version and had to quit the other, and it worked. Dont know how i got there but thank you so much for your reply!! hopefully it helps the next. Have a good day!


Hi, I am having the same issue as OP. I was wondering how do you roll back to 24.04.x or 23.12.x [Make sure you – File > Switch Profiles > Downgrade & Quit]? I don’t have the File button showing in my Anki APP, where can you find this? Thanks.

If you can’t get to the profile-switcher screen, you can install an earlier version anyway. After you do, run Tools > Check Database.

I tried downloading the other 2 older versions on my mac but they do not open.

The installer dmg file doesn’t open? Or once you have it installed, the Anki doesn’t open?

Instructions for installing on MacOS: Install & Upgrade - Anki Manual

I could install it, but it won’t open (it says the version is too old for my mac).

Which Anki versions did you try? Intel or Apple? Qt5 or Qt6?

Does that match your Mac specs?

I am able to open the apple silicon version, which matches the version of my mac. I downloaded the other 2 intel versions and they say it is too old and won’t open.

It sounds like you need the Apple Silicon version – but you need an earlier Anki version number. All of those on the main page are the current release, 24.06.2, just for different Mac OS machines. If you click the “older releases” button just below that, you’ll get to the releases page.

Scroll down to find 24.04.1 or 23.12.1 or whatever version you think you were using before you upgraded. Open the “Assets” at the bottom of the box. The installer you want will include mac-apple-qt6 in the filename.

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Thanks! Now it works

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