Blank file import page for .csv files - Mac

Hey all,

As the title suggests, when I go to import a file there is no UI that pops up in the new window, this was working a week ago so I am not sure what has changed.

Update - I just reinstalled 2.1.54 (been using 2.1.60) and the problem does not occur. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Is this likely a personal computer problem or a bug? Thank you again for any help, as I would like to resume using 2.1.60

Things I have tried already to remedy the problem:

Restart, and manual shut down/restart

Restarting Anki normally, and holding down shift to block add-ons (image occlusion is the only one I have)

Tried importing different files

Tried importing from the toolbar instead of the button

Uninstall & reinstall Anki

Anki version: ⁨2.1.60 (76d88073)⁩

Computer: Macbook pro 10.15.3

School starts on Monday so any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Could it be related to how the file is named? What if you rename the input file to something simple like test.csv?

I have tried several with different names, folder locations, sizes

If you’re reasonably tech-savvy, you could try dig into why the webview is failing to load: Debugging - Writing Anki Add-ons

If not, a workaround you can use for now is to enable the legacy import/export switch in the preferences.

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