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I am having a problem with the full sync box that pops up as well as imports and exports. When I get the merge notification it appears different than it did the other day. I also do not get the new options when I import a deck. Additionally, I do not get the option to export decks for older versions on Anki when I export.

I’ve been using Anki and recently I downloaded the AnKing v12 updates, as well as the BetterSearch (1052724801) and Special Fields (1102281552). I am using Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.1 and Anki Version ⁨24.04.1.

I’ve tried searching all over for similar instances, especially associated with Special Fields, because I think this is what caused this to happen. I cannot find anything similar. Deleting/Disabling Special Fields has had no effect. I also have tried starting Anki without add-ons. I tried re-installing Anki, even 23.10, and 23.10, without success. Please let me know what else I can try. Thank you!

This is what looks like now:

This is what it used to be like:

I don’t understand the issue – the text and buttons are all the same, just in a different format. Is that a “problem”?

Do you have an export that you’re not able to import because of the lack of that option? Or are you just wanting the option back?

Yes, it is just a different format. I would prefer to have the options presented to me when I import a deck as well.

I often share decks with others who have older versions of Anki and have issues when I do not check that box.

Update: I’ve figured out the import/export issue. The legacy import/export/handling box was checked in the settings. Unchecking that box fixed both of those, however, the differently formatted merge window remains. Thanks!

Yes, those are the 2 ways to handle it – with an overall setting or export-by-export. However, it is recommended that you leave that setting unticked in Preferences. Preferences - Anki Manual

Elements of the UI change sometimes, but it’s not a problem to be solved.

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