Images temporarily disappear after changing note types

I’ve noticed an odd behaviour in the current alpha3.

After changing note types of existing cards, I find that images do not display. Instead, notes containing an image will display a place-holder symbol. This applies apparently to all notes, not just to the notes whose note type was changed.

The problem disappears by itself when I close and re-open Anki, so it’s no biggie. Just thought I’d led you know.

Had the same problem and didn’t change note type. didn’t know what caused it, but now i’m thinking, i changed the deck for one of my cards. maybe that caused it.

Do you mean using the “change note type” option in the browser, or do you mean editing the card template? If you could let me know the steps I should take to reproduce it, that’d be appreciated.

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i think full sync causes it.
changed note type, but images didn’t disappear till i synced my collection.

I agree with @mmdj2. If I tick the option “On next sync, force changes in one direction”, the “Sync” button turns orange (very nice feature, btw!). Images still display as expected. But then I press the “Sync” button and carry out the full sync, and immediately afterwards images are replaced by placeholders.

After restarting Anki, the images are back to normal again.

This is all without fiddling with note types. Thus the changing of note types was likely only incidental to the bug, in that changing the note type of a note (i.e. assigning a given note to another note type, not modifying the template per se) requires a full sync, which then causes the image display bug.

Thanks for the reports, a fix will be in the next build.

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