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Hello good afternoon!
I recently went to do my ANKI periodical review and noticed that several cards became empty, especially after I changed their note type. In others, the image simply disappeared. Unfortunately the cloud backup had already been done, so I couldn’t download it from Ankiweb. However, I have the .apkg files for the decks. Is there any way to fix this? For example, uploading the deck and fixing any cards that are empty or missing images. Again, I would like to point out that many of the cards became empty after changing the note type.


When trying to import notes from the .apkg file I get the following message:

Try to restore from an automatic backup.

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Unfortunately this is not possible.
I don’t remember the date I changed the note type on the cards, and although I only realized it yesterday, it’s been several days since I made the changes.

Recent Anki versions keep backups for quite some time, so chances are you can recover them. If you import a backup into a new profile, you can export the cards in an .apkg, then import it into your main deck after deleting them from there.

I was able to delete most of the notes that were left empty after changing the note type and restore many of them just by importing the .apkg. However, there are some notes that are not restored (skipped) and when I try to find them they simply do not appear. Could you say why? Could you better explain the previously proposed solution, where should I import the cards to a new profile?

As you can see in the screenshot, I can’t find the cards that were skipped.

Those ones aren’t in your collection, but can’t be imported because the notetype has been modified. You’ll either need to modify the notetype to change it back to the original fields/card templates it had in the .apkg file, or move the existing cards to a new notetype, then remove the existing unused-one.

The problem is that I deleted the type of note they previously had.
I changed everyone’s note type to Basic-Anking and then deleted the note type which was “Basic-55d26”, for example.

The message says the note type has changed, which means the original notetype has not been deleted, and is still in your collection, but in a modified state. If you’re not sure which notetype it is, you can import the apkg into a new profile, review one card, and then use the following in the debug console to locate the notetype id (“mid”), and then search for it in the browse screen (“mid:xxxxxx”) of your original profile.



I found:

But, is there any way to select only the ones that are as empty cards? There are so many, it would take hours to do them one by one.

I did the test with 1 card and it really worked.
1- I found the card id
2- I found the card in the secondary profile and saw its type of note
3- I returned to the primary profile and changed its note type
4- I exported just that note or the entire deck in the primary profile
After following the steps all data appeared again in the note.
However, there are hundreds of notes, how could I make a selection of them all?

I’m not sure what you’re asking - if you fix the notetype, all notes that use it should then import correctly.

For example, I have a deck of 2000 notes of type “basic”.
I downloaded a deck from a friend with about 300 notes of type “basic-of5gb” and changed all these notes to type “basic”.
Now, since the notes are gone, I would like to revert the change and put them in the “basic-of5gb” type again. But, there are many letters. Is there any way to filter them? So you don’t have to do one at a time?

It’s only possible to change one notetype at a time, but changing it will affect all cards it uses.

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I managed to resolve.
I found this extension, after installing it the invalid cards were visible, even with nothing. Then I could select them all and delete them. After deleting them, I restored the deck that I had already saved in the file. I ended up missing some changes that I had made before, but I avoided a lot of work. I didn’t have to select one by one. Thanks a lot for the help!

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