Custom Field are Missing, Deck suddenly using Default Basic

I created 49 custom Fields for a Spanish Vocabulary deck that I have been using for many years. I recently updated the Anki application and now all my custom Fields for that Deck are missing for any new card I add to the deck. The Fields are all still there for all the old cards in the deck, but they are missing for any new card I add to the deck. The only Fields I have now when adding a new card to the deck are the default “front” and “back” fields that one starts out with when creating a new deck. What is the best way to fix this? Card templates and styling are also set back to their default values again. I thought all the Field and card information was saved in the backup file when you create a full backup to you computer using Anki’s Export function.

I’m using Anki version 2.1.49 on Windows 10 x64 20H2.

Sorry if I’m asking something too obvious, but did you choose the right note type?


I don’t see it listed anywhere. There are a bunch of note types in there that I did not create. I 'm not sure how those note types got in there. They must be from some old decks that I imported that someone else created. I don’t see my note type anywhere. Is there a way to recreate it when viewing one of the old cards in the deck?

If you still have card that looks correct you can, when editing, click on the cards button and then you should be able to see the notetype it uses as well as the code behind it.

browse --> select card --> Cards


That was the problem! I found my note type. It was called Basic-dbf84. Now the problem is it will not remember my note type. It starts out on Basic ever time I try to add a new card to the deck.

Is there a way to make the note type I used for the deck the default note type for that deck? It does not make any sense for it to revert back to Anki’s default Basic every time.

Also, is there a way to remove all the old note types except for the basic default and the ones I created from the list. There are dozens listed that I did not create and I don’t use them.

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From Tools > Manage notetypes you can rename notetypes or delete unused ones.


Ok, thank you! I will delete all the old note types from the list. Anki automatically added them to the list years ago when I imported other users decks from online. Too bad it didn’t automatically remove them from the list after I deleted the decks from Anki.

Now if I can only figure out how to make Anki remember the correct note type for that deck. It reverts back to the default Basic each time I close the Add card Window after adding a card to the deck. I wonder if it will remember the correct note type for the deck after I rename it.

Thank everyone for their help!!!

It should remember the notetype you used for your last addition. Did you try switching to your notetype, adding a card, then closing and reopening the add-cards window?

Edit: Sorry just saw the comment above :slight_smile:


That’s what i’m trying to do now, but I can’t think of a word to add to the deck lol I have over 22,000 cards in the deck already. I think i’m going to have to pull the dictionary out to find a word that is not already in the deck lol

I had a long list of words to add to the deck on my iphone in this application called Workflowy, but the application had a bug in it that caused it to delete my entire list when the app updated. I was so mad since the list contained thousands of words to add to my deck. I will never use Workflowy again!

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That worked! It remembers the correct note type now after adding a new card to the deck! I also renamed the note type to something I would recognize. Thanks, guys/gals!


Nici has explained well.

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