Images not loading after transfer on desktop anki


Using desktop anki, I recently exported a deck (internal medicine from Step 2) from one profile to another and it caused around half of the images to stop showing (instead they just show a small square with like clouds or something).

Went back to the original profile and the images were fine, so I’m guessing it’s a problem with the exporting process. Any way to fix this?

Make sure to check the Include media option.


yess the media was checked and half of the images are displayed. Dunno whats happening

What does Tools>Check Media report in one profile vs the other?

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hello thanks for the reply! i kind of fixed by exporting the deck (that wasnt showing images) onto another profile and now its working fine! I was low on storage the first time so maybe thats why the larger images werent showing or it was just a random bug. Thank you anyways!