Images Not Loading After Sync?

After reading a lot of forum post on this website, I think that I accidently turned my phone screen off while syncing, and this somehow deleted all my media files.

I don’t have a local backup as I am away from my base computer and am in Indiana visiting my brother at the moment.

Can someone restore my media files from ankiweb (I’ve been led to believe that this is possible, but I could be wrong).

Not sure here to go from here as I have no local backups on my current laptop.
My ankiweb account is:

OS is Manjaro Linux.

I have restored your recently-deleted media. I recommend you update to the beta version of AnkiDroid and turn on the new backend, so the same syncing code as the desktop version is used, as turning off the screen shouldn’t be able to cause data loss like this.

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I tried syncing (successful), but the media didn’t restore when I restarted Anki.

Did I have to download from ankiweb?

You shouldn’t need to force a one-way sync. Please make sure media is not syncing in the background if syncing your desktop (Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions). You can also log out and log in again, which at least for the desktop, should force a rescan for any missing media.

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