Images are not loading from a "private" shared Deck

So my friend shared her Deck with me and my friends. All of my friends can use them and the pictures are working. For me they dont. Its exactly the same data. We tried sharing it to my Mac via Airdrop, Whatsapp and email. AnkiWeb is also not working. Seems like my Mac has a problem with reading the data of just the images in the cards. I have the newest IOS update and the newest Anki update.
Can anybody help me please? I have exams soon and I really have to study with these cards… On my phone its working btw…

I want to make sure I understand the sequence to rule out some of the common problems with images –

  • This is an apkg file that you got from your friend, correct?
  • You imported it into Anki Desktop on your Mac.
  • It has synced from your Mac to AnkiWeb and to AnkiMobile on your phone.
  • The images show up on AnkiWeb and on AnkiMobile just fine, but not Desktop.

Is that all correct?

If so –

  1. Was this a brand new fresh deck for you, or was it an update?
  2. What about for your friends – brand new or update?
  3. Are the other friends also using Desktop on Mac – or on other OSs?
  4. What kind of images files are these?
  5. What are you seeing instead of the images – just empty space, or a “broken picture” icon?
  6. Do you see the same thing in the note editor/Browse window, and in Preview, and when you study the cards?
  7. Have you run a Check Database on your Mac? Are there any missing files?