I have a new computer, log into my account to find out my decks are not there?!?!?

So my old PC crashed, now (with the new one) i logged into anki and surprisingly non of my decks are there, , then i try to do something at anki web but i failed, am really hopping someone can help me.

Are you sure your old computer wasn’t syncing to a different account?

Have you tried logging into Ankiweb to see what’s there?

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So i have understood to log it’s supposed to be an email, i have only two mails, one of them doesn’t work, must be the other one, also i have a different Windows, the old was Win 10 and the new is Win 7, not sure if that makes something.


You’ll definitely want to click ‘Download from AnkiWeb’

Regarding the error, I would try a computer restart, and if that fails a reinstallation.

To be clear, if your AnkiWeb account is currently empty because you weren’t syncing, then you only have a chance of recovering your old data if you still are able to run Anki on your old computer, or at least access its data.