Anki Not Syncing - Post Computer Crash

My laptop recently crashed, and in the recovery process, I have redownloaded Anki desktop application, and signed into my Ankiweb account, but yet when I click sync, nothing happens.

My ankiweb account shows that I have 8.51MB of data, but again, none of my decks appear when I log in and click download.

When I do click on “Download from AnkiWeb”, it pretends to sync for 2 seconds, and then the pop-up goes away.

Please advise on how I can recover my cards. I am a medical student and really need my flashcards.

Thank you.


The AnkiWeb account associated with the email you’re writing from appears to have about 300 cards. Are you saying you’re not seeing those cards in the Browse screen of the computer version?

No, I don’t see anything but default, with 0 cards.

That’s odd. Please go into the preferences screen and check that the account you’re syncing with is the same email address as the one you’re writing from - maybe you accidentally created two accounts?