I accidentally Synchronized to AnkiDroid instead of AnkiWeb, losing my collection

I lost my primary phone couple of days ago.
When I downloaded the AnkiDroid on the new phone, I accidentally choose to keep the AnkiDroid collection instead of AnkiWeeb, which has all my shared decks.

Can I recover it? Or is it lost for ever?

I’m so sorry that happened!

  • Did you sync your collection with any other devices (computer, laptop, tablet, etc.)?
  • Even though you lost your phone, was the data from it backed up to any other cloud storage?

If not, there’s still a chance @dae can recover a recent server-side backup. If he can, he’ll respond to let you know when it is from and have you confirm that you want him to go ahead.


I did sync my collection to my account that I have with AnkiWeb.
The last sync was few weeks old, but still, better than nothing.

So, what should I do now?

If there’s no where else to look, you’ll just have to sit tight until he’s online later.

Understandable. Thank you for assisting me.

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It has been hours since last reply.

Will @dae assist me in retrieving my collection, or is it lost?

Thank you

He will respond when he can, I’m sure. You’ve pinged him again now, but we don’t need to keep doing that.


I have restored your AnkiWeb collection from a backup.


I apologize for the disturbance that I might have caused with my last reply. I absolutely didn’t mean to do that.

I just thought, for some reason, he forgot to perform the retrieval.

Thank you for assisting me, I really appreciate it.


Thank you so much, Dae!

I am sorry for pinging you again. My mind was simply racing with itself after the wrong synchronization that I made.

Thank you again!


I’m afraid as the backup was quite old, it no longer contained media. If you don’t have the media stored on one of your local devices, unfortunately there will be no way to recover it.

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