Hypertts: Use SpanishDict and OSX voices?

AwesomeTTS had support for SpanishDict and OSX. Is there any way to use these voices in HyperTTS?

HyperTTS is awesome. It’s the TTS I’ve always dreamed of!

Hi, somehow I missed your message. I need to get ahold of a mac machine to add support for MacOSX voices. This is something i’m planning on doing soon. Regarding SpanishDict, I need to see how difficult it would be to implement.

I’ve opened two issues to track this request:

Thank you so much! If it helps, AwesomeTTS uses SpanishDict.

As far as you know, does that SpanishDict service still work in AwesomeTTS ? I couldn’t get it to work.

Hi I just tested SpanishDict in AwesomeTTS and it worked fine.

Hi, I just added SpanishDict support in HyperTTS 0.69, please give it a try.