Support for optional downloadable Siri voices (MacOS/iOS)

First at all, many thanks for your hard work!

Would it be possible to add support for the optional downloadable Siri voices (male and female) on MacOS as well on iOS? It seems that only preinstalled voices are supported at the moment. The downloadable Siri voices have a breathtaking quality compare to the preinstalled voices! (I’m looking for offline use, no cloud solution.)

I have tried following settings:

{{tts es_ES speed=0.8 voices=Siri_Male:Español}}
{{tts es_ES speed=0.8 voices=Apple_Siri_Male:Español}}

It would be amazing if this could be added to Anki!

Kind regards

I’m just a user, but according to the Anki manual, it might not be possible at the moment.

Please note that the Siri voice can only be used by Apple apps.

says that

there is hope this may eventually be implemented in a future version, which would be macOS Big Sur (11.0) at the earliest.

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