Built-in tts-voices (macOS): multi-language strategy; random voices?

So far, I’ve been using AwesomeTTS…[unofficial]; which still works, but trying to open the Options/Settings window gives an error message, so I need something new. Rather than another add-on, I’d like to use Anki’s tts-tags.

(quote from the manual)

If there are multiple voices that support your chosen language, you can specify desired voices in a list, and Anki will choose the FIRST AVAILABLE voice. For example:

{{tts ja_JP voices=Apple_Otoya,Microsoft_Haruka:Field}}

This would use Otoya when on an Apple device, and Haruka when on a Windows PC.

What I want:

I have decks for several languages; also, on my Mac, several voices are installed for each language.

  • there’s a field containing ISO 639-1 (en, eo, es, fr, etc)
  • from the desired voices specified in a list, Anki should NOT! choose the first available voice, but a TOTALLY RANDOM !! one according to the ISO_639-1 field

Can this be done?

Happy repping everyone :wink:

Not at the moment; it may become a feature later; for the time being, we can only point you in the direction of an alternative:

both of them are working >2.1.58+, in contrast to AwesomeTTS (Google Cloud Text-to-Speech & Microsoft Azure TTS) [unofficial] - AnkiWeb (only compatible to <2.1.49)

it may become a feature later; […]

Good to hear … :slight_smile:

Make sure there’s a one-click-solution to tell Anki to use a random voice out of ALL voices installed on the system.

On the Mac, Apple offers about 30 voices for English alone; wouldn’t want to have to copy/insert them one by one … :wink:


(short addendum)

Why would I want to use 30+ voices … ?

Well, for audio recognition cards, the greater the variety of speakers, the more useful the card becomes.

If, each time the card comes up for review, one would hear the same voice/speed/dialect/prosody/etc., these peculiarities alone might already trigger the correct answer, even though the word/phrase itself might not yet have been properly internalized; which is of course NOT what one would want … :wink:

So if I happen to have 30+ voices installed on the Mac, why not use them ALL, as randomly as possible … ?

The addon mentioned above would allow to create groups of voices to be played in random order; but voices would have to be added one at a time, which was a real hassle (let alone if one wanted to make changes).

You can select multiple cards like (you could select all of your deck this way)

Then you make a preset which makes: cards will have random voices like the picture below

HyperTTS: Collection Audio

It is not a promise, this is a thread to make suggestions, a place to discuss changes, if it is a requested feature for many people then it could be added, but it is not like all the features requested in suggestion are added

Thanks for your help; one of these days I’ll experiment with those alternative addons …

However, what is shown in the top screenshot (Mar 26), i.e. Add Audio (Collection)…, is NOT what I need; I do NOT want to add static audio files to cards.

I need ad hoc, or live pronunciations; a different voice each time the card comes up (i.e. what I have now with the old addon).

{{tts-voices:}} shows that Anki is already aware of installed voices; so why not use a random number and pick the according [en_…Apple / es_…Apple / fr_…Apple / pt_…Apple / etc] voice …

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