Global handling of multiple TTS providers and add-ons

I had an idea after making a new TTS add-on:

Currently multiple TTS add-ons can coexist and Anki will use the first available one when using a syntax such as:
{{tts voices=HyperTTS,speechd,gTTS:FIELDNAME}}

As the number templates using the {{tts voices...}} syntax grows, so does the work required in switching from one TTS provider to another (requiring editing each template).

I’m hoping to someday to have (possibly make) an Anki setting so users can easily prioritize which TTS add-on gets used across all templates containing {{tts}} tags, only being overridden on a per template basis if voices=voicelist syntax is explicitly used.

What do you think?

The TTS providers on Windows and Mac use different voice names for different languages, so a global list wouldn’t work if the user wanted to use more than one language at once. Rather than adding more complexity, perhaps you could use this add-on instead (which I have not tried): Find and Replace in Card templates/Notetypes/HTML - AnkiWeb