How do I use the Awesome TTS to make audio for my Italian sentences?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to have some Italian sentences converted to audio so I can play it on the front of my flash cards

What’s the easiest way to do this? Or is there a video I can watch explaining it ?

Thanks a lot ,


You don’t really need any add on:

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While it is true that Anki provides a built-in TTS service, the flexibility of service providers offered by Awesome TTS makes is a better option for some. For example, I’m on macOS. The available Russian voices are OK, but definitely inferior to the Microsoft Azure Neural voices offered through Awesome TTS. YMMV.

Anyway, in terms of setup, the current version of Awesome TTS adds a menu items with setup tutorials. It would be easier to just to access those if you need help getting started. It looks intimidating but it’s not really.

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