HTML does not work on Type Cards preview

I’ve searched all over the place and have yet to find a fix for this problem. Whenever I make a typing card with a multiple answers, the breaks between the lines somehow disappears and combines them once I answer or preview the back of that card. I’ve tried everything I’ve researched and no matter what I do, there are no multiple lines and just combines them. I’ve tried add-ons like to add bullet points but same thing happens and the bullets are gone. I’ve just then realized that HTML doesn’t work at all. I’m on the latest version and no add-on currently installed. Anyone know a fix to this problem?

Here’s an example:
this is what I’ve wrote: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
this is the result: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Did you find a solution? If not, then go to “Cards” button and copy (or take a screenshot of) the content of the front, back, and style here so that we may help you.
Edit: oh I’ve just realized this is a 2 month old post…