Help please, I messed up my cards

Guys, I messed in trying to edit the font size of my deck and now the bottom part of each card on the deck wont stop showing the complete questions and answer. How do I fix it please?

Bring up the front template of the card type with the problem and copy the contents here. It’ll make it easier to see what’s happening.

You can get to it by clicking “Edit” in the bottom left of what you saw and then clicking “Cards…” in the top left.

Okay, this is what it looks like.

Since I never asked: when you were trying to adjust your font size, where were you doing that?

You can skip all of this troubleshooting if you have a backup from when it was working or if you still have or can download the original deck again.

steps for restoring a template
  1. Export your collection as it is right now to function as a backup. Make sure to have the “Include media” box selected and use the .colpkg format:
  2. Two options:
    • Restore a backup from the time it was working.
    • Delete your deck or use a temporary profile (File → Switch Profile, then Add). Import the original deck again (File → Import). If it asks about overwriting anything, say yes. You have the backup from step 1 to restore later.
  3. Open a template of one of the cards that was giving the issue.
  4. Copy the contents of that template to .txt file and save.
  5. Restore the collection that you saved during step 1.
  6. Copy the contents from your .txt file and overwrite the contents of the malfunctioning template.

If you don’t have a backup or have access to the original deck, is there a way to get the template copied here instead of in photo form? The rest of the template isn’t visible.

You’d have to right click inside that text in the left, select all, right click again, select copy, and then paste it here. An example of what I’m looking for via one of my small templates:

<div id="question-type">
	drills: decimals to fractions
<div id="decimal">
<div id="entry">

I see there’s script in the template. It may be more difficult to figure out. I’m guessing that’s an AnKing deck – people familiar with his decks will be your best bet if it doesn’t get fixed here.

The most important thing to note is I’m not familiar with his decks. I could be misunderstanding the problem.

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im not sure whats going on here, but why can I see my questions twice and with the full answers on the second… this was not happening before, but I tried to change the font size on my deck and I think I messed something up

Click the Cards button in the editor and look for a second reference to the clozed field (the Text field in the default cloze template) and remove it.

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