Basic (type in answer) and HTML formatting

Hey, I’m sure people have asked about this before, but is there a way we could just display the answer with html formating and ignore the tags in the answer?

Or maybe a new card type to facilitate this? I’m sure there’s a good reason this card type works the way it does for a reason, maybe we could add a new default card with this functionality?

I’d be willing to work on it if maintainers would greenlight it (assuming it’s possible in the first place)

I think you’ve identified the challenge to implementing something like this – how do you do a character-by-character comparison of text without stripping out the HTML first? If you were to solve that, there might be interest in the feature.

But it does still leave the bigger question. Type-answer cards are well-suited to short answers where spelling needs to be correct. If you’ve got sentences, formatting, bullets, etc. – why do you need Anki to do a character-by-character comparison? How often are you going to get it right down to the character, anyway? Perhaps a simple type-in field that lets you lock in your answer, and persists to the back of the card for you to compare it yourself, would be better for your purposes?

Or, if all you want is for the “original” formatted version of the field to also be displayed when you reveal the answer – you can just add that field on the back template.

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