Conceptual question about the development of the "Basic (type in the answer)" note type

First, thank-you to all the wonderful developers and contributors to these amazing projects :clap:. Talk about impacting the world in a positive way!

I had a conceptual question regarding the development of the “type in the answer” note type! I’m educationally curious as to the design reason for striping line breaks during the note creation to not permit multiline, and only allowing single line inputs? Would love to get any code contributors thoughts on this for learning purposes!

I tried doing my homework and going through the forum, and github repo issues etc… which all explained that multiline input wasn’t allowed, but I wasn’t able to answer it from a conceptual point of view as to why? Unrelated, I did find the add-ons for multi-line entry as well, in addition to the comments on the type-in feature is currently being rewritten.

Just hoping to understand and learn more. Going through the code for fun, and hope I can contribute in the future to such a marvelous project.


The feature was originally added so people could practice the spelling of words, and pressing enter to complete the input is convenient. It was not intended for typing in long passages of text, as you should aim to keep your cards as short as possible to make review easier.


Ah makes sense. Thank-you for the explanation Dae! Much appreciated.

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