Support for card formatting (paid Zoom call)

Hi, I have a couple questions mainly about formatting cards with html. I posted them on this cite already but the answers weren’t helpful.

If you are an expert with anki addons & html code then email Let’s set up a zoom meeting so I can share my screen and we can communicate easily. If you answer my questions and I am able to do what I want to do or atleast you tell me that it’s definitely impossible then I’ll PayPal or Vinmo you $30. The zoom call will probably take 20 mins

There are people offering this on Fiverr. I think @guillempalausalva used to be there but I can’t find his gig now.

Yeah I unpublished my gig. I no longer do that.

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The questions you asked have already been answered and it looks to me like they have been resolved. What was the problem?

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