Personalized aki card in the card settings, now my anki isn't allowing me to move on to the next card

Hello, and thank you for your help in advance.

I have been trying to do a lot of things over the past 3 hours figuring out anki and now it is not working and I am overwhelmed so I apologize if somethings don’t make sense. Please feel free to ask for clarification if needed.

I got the add-on multiline typed responses and absolutely fell in love with it. I was editting each individual card to add the [[typebox:]] into the card. I realized there was probably a way to change the formating of all the cards at once and I tried to. I tried adding [[typebox:]] into the following card types: blank, cloze, image concealer, anking overhaul.

while I was at it, I changed the colors of the text and background as well.

Now when I open an anki card, the front is completely blank. When I hit the space bar the entire card comes up. When I select 1,2,3 or 4 on my keyboard it does not move the the next card. When I select easy, medium, or hard with my clicker nothing happens either. I have tried reverting the card styles back to default and nothing I have tried has fixed the problem. I simply do not know what to do.

I guess you edited the Front Template, among other things? What are its contents?

If you try disabling the add-on, does it work then?

Which version of Anki are you using?

Have you tried the old standby troubleshooting checklist?

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I fixed it. I had my friend send me her code and replaced mine!

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