How to suspend cards 2 and 3 of a note type?

I am studying Chinese and I have 3 cards for my Chinese note type.
Card 1 is Chinese to pinyin and English. Card 2 is English to Chinese and pinyin and Card 3 is audio to Chinese, Pinyin, and English.
After trying this 3 card approach I’ve realized it’s taking up too much time to study triple the amount of cards and my character recognition might be better if I was only using the first card. I have already enabled the setting to bury new and review siblings which did help.
Does anyone have any general advice for this type of situation?
I want to try to suspend the 2nd and 3rd cards for the note type without deleting those cards. I know I could suspend the cards manually, but since I am always adding new cards, it would be pretty difficult to do it manually each time. Anyone know if there is a way to do this? Or have any other advice that could help? Thank you

You can select cards 2 and 3 in the browser (card mode, search for “card:2” and “card:3”) and suspend them.

If you’re constantly creating new cards, you can also create a copy of your notetype > delete cards 2 and 3 > change your cards from old_notetype to new_notetype.


Another option is to use the Deck Override option to send the cards to a frozen deck: Card Templates - Anki Manual


This should work, thank you. How do I freeze a deck that I send the cards to?

Just set its new card limit to 0 from the deck options screen.

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