Feature request: card freezing

Would it be possibile to have a feature that allows you to freeze and hide certain cards (or entire notes)?

The main differences between freezing and suspending would be:

  • a suspended card can still be searched in the notes browser, while a freezed cards is hided and only showed if you write, for example, is:freezed in the search bar (so it behaves like it doesn’t exist)
  • a freezed card remains freezed even when you export a deck without keeping the progresses, so that if you want to share a deck but you have certain cards of a note that you don’t want them to review because they are useless, but you can’t delete them because of multiple different reasons (and it happens often in multi-fields notes from my own experience, for example for cards that are automatically generated in this kind of note types but are sometimes useless).

Would it be difficult / possible to do? I think that it would be a very useful feature to have in anki.

EDIT: we could also call it an “archive” feature

I’m just a regular user.

I agree that this functionality would be useful in some cases. But I think that it might be relevant only for a small percentage of users. Some of the rest of the users might be confused that after clicking a wrong button once cards are disappearing from the browser. Some users never make mistakes, there are only bugs in the software they use and then they’ll post everywhere hat anki is garbage etc.

So I doubt that it’s a good idea to include this in the regular program. This might be a good fit for add-ons? The only downside is that this doesn’t help on mobile but at the moment most people I know still mainly use mobile for reviews.

Maybe for each deck you use make a subdeck named “archived” and whenever you search you include -deck:*::archived?

Two small add-ons could help:

  • an add-on that by default adds -deck:*::archived to each search term unless you include is:archived (though I’d expect that this would only matches archived cards). This function exists in some add-ons and would have to be released as a standalone version.
  • you’d need an add-on that allows to quickly move a card to an “archived” subdeck of its current deck (and that maybe creates it if necessary). This could be fairly quickly done.
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While I agree that it could be done with workarounds as you exaplined, the main point of introducing this feature would be to make things easier, while most workarounds would instead make everything an headache. I don’t think that an addon would be useful because what would happen when you review with mobile or if an user without the addon uses that deck ? (and the last one was one of the main points of the whole thing).

Also, i don’t think the feature would create such confusion between users… i mean i’m talking about a button named “archive”. If one can figure out what bury does (and IMO it’s by far less intuitive), i think that “archive” would be even easier to comprehend, as it’s a feature widespread in a lot of different apps and programs.

Anyway, thank you for the answer and let me know what you think :slight_smile: