How to study only a particular type of card?

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I see there is a similar question posted previously but it does not help me enough to solve my issue.

I have a deck with many card types. I would like to only study the cards that have the Card Type of “IO Card”. These are image occlusion cards.

I’m having difficulty searching for just these type of cards when i use the command deck:X note:“IO Card”. Nothing seems to show up. Even if I did manage to search for just the IO Cards, I’m not sure what I would do next.


  1. What is the best way to only study the IO cards?

In no particular order –

  1. Is “IO Card” a note type or a card type? The default from built-in IO is a card type, so you can’t search for it as a note – Searching - Anki Manual .
  2. [Even if you could] the syntax would be "note:IO Card" (not note:“IO Card”) – straight double-quotes, around the entire search term.
  3. To study something specific that is not otherwise presented to you in your decks – Filtered Decks - Anki Manual .
  4. If you want to study them this way in the long-term – move them to a deck where you can study them all together, with Change Deck – Browsing - Anki Manual .
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Thanks for your response.

  1. Oh, you are right. “IO Card” is a Card type rather than Note. Thank you!
  2. So if I understand correctly one option would be to use the command deck:X “card:IO Card”, then select them all and change deck? Is that correct?

Sure, but check that search term. At some point When they get posted here, your straight double-quotes are turning into “smart” quotes, and I don’t think that will work.

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Thanks very much - super helpful.

I’ll be sure to watch out for straight double-quotes!

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