How to study multiple sub-sections from a deck

Hello Anki wizards!

I am using a large pre-built deck organized into sections/subsections. I am hoping to study certain sections to line up with my curriculum, adding sections cumulatively as I rotate through emergency medicine. For instance:

Month 1: resuscitation

Month 2: resusc and trauma

Month 3: resusc, trauma, cardio

Can anyone explain how I can create a custom deck that I can continue to add sections in the fashion above? I know that I could just drag them into a new deck, but it would be nice to use a filtered/custom study deck to maintain study metrics in one deck.

I tried making a custom deck by tags, but then I only get the option of “Again <10min” and “Good (end)”. I don’t want notes to disappear from this custom deck even if I hit “Good”, as I need to have regular review over the course of a whole year.

Thanks for your help!