How to study all questions in the original order

I had studied languages with this app for some time and started to use it for a different purpose and suddenly had a problem.

Now I want to memorize the chords of some songs.
So created a new deck and made some questions like:

Q: M1 (measure 1)
A: FM7

Q: M2
A: CM7

Q: M3
A: G7 G7/F

In actual such questions are 100 or so in a song.
I want to start studying this deck but there seems no way to show them in the original order in Anki.

I found below topic and had some hope for a while, but this solution is not enough as it randamizes questions order.

How to review ALL cards in the deck (and or other deck)?
h ttps://

Could you give me some ideas?

I really don’t recommend using anki to learn the chord progression of a song, that’s not how the musical memory works. Just use the traditional (and natural) method: play the song with your instrument until you can play it naturally and intuitively.

It’s important to hear the chords as you play them to internalize how they sound and what comes next. You’ll practice your ear, your instrument, your musical intuitiveness, and will learn the song much, much faster.

Thanks for the advice.
Off cource I’m practicing hard everyday as you wrote.
Adding to that effort I think Anki may be useful to support musical understandings.

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