How to set "new cards in random order" on Ankidroid and sync with V3 scheduler on PC?

I do my reviews on Ankidroid 2.15.6 with the V2 scheduler. I sync with PC Anki (with the Straight Reward addon) , which I recently updated to version 2.1.64 Qt6 with the V3 scheduler enabled.
On Ankidroid, I’ve set “new cards in random order.”
On the PC Anki, I’ve set the new card insertion order to sequential (and the new card gather order to random). But when it syncs to Ankidroid, Ankidroid’s setting changes to “new cards in order added,” which is not what I want. If I change the Ankidroid setting back to my desired “new cards in random order” and sync, the PC Anki insertion order is changed to random, with this message displayed: “With the V3 scheduler, it is better to leave this set to sequential, and adjust the new card gather order instead.” So does this mean that if I want new cards in random order on Ankidroid, I should use the V2 scheduler on Anki PC?

I would recommend to install the last ankidroid beta and use scheduler v3 in both devices.

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Ok, thanks

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