How to see the next new cards I will learn?

I write my cards as I go because I invest a fair amount of time in each one, so many notes just have placeholder text. Sometimes I’ll manually change the position of a note’s cards if I want to learn them sooner, so it’s not obvious from the browser which cards I will learn next. Each morning, I’d like to be able to look up a list of the cards I have to make for that day.

How can I see a list of the next n cards I will learn (which I have not yet seen)? Is this the same as seeing the n lowest-position cards?

But these won’t necessarily be your next new cards. Since it depends on which deck you choose to study and what settings it has for selecting and sorting new ones.

Thank you! But what does it mean when one card has a date in that column and another says “New #x”?

One of them is new, and the other already has a review date.