Changing the order of new cards

How do I change the order in which new cards show up?
Say, I added a bunch of cards for lessons 1 to 5, and then remember to add more cards for lesson 3. Now they’d only show up after lesson 5, but I’d like them to already show up with the other cards of lesson 3.

I tag the cards by the lesson number.

This is also relevant because I intend to share the deck.

Also, can one restrict new cards to only those with specific tags?

The order of your New cards is determined by your Insertion order, and then by your New Card Gather and Sort orders. Deck Options - Anki Manual

You can pull the cards by Tag in a filtered deck, but I’m not sure going to that trouble (or separating them by deck) is going to be worth it. What seems most likely useful for you is that when you “remember to add more cards for lesson 3,” you should also “Resposition” those cards to the front of your queue. Browsing - Anki Manual

Thanks! Huh, that will only change the order for myself, though, not for people whom I share the deck with?

And the second question is rather so that I know when to stop - like, if I added vocab for 5 lessons but only did lesson 1, I might have reason not to learn the later lessons already. Particularly if they contain grammar I haven’t learned yet.

Regarding the repositioning - I can’t change the order that way for a new card to be between cards I already learned. And that means that for other people using that deck, that card will always be at the wrong position.

Before sharing your packaged deck, you can import it into a fresh profile, reposition if necessary, and then make a final export to share.

I don’t understand what you’re asking here …

Ah, thanks, that would work well :slight_smile: That way, I can then reimport it after repositioning.

I plan to make regular updates to my deck and re-share it like once a month, maybe more often, so it would be great if I don’t have to make the same repositioning every time I export, or make the same other updates to both my own and the export. Therefore I’d re-import it after repositioning.

I mean, usually, when you say you wanna learn up to 20 new cards a day, it gives you new cards until there are no new cards left. I was wondering whether one could tell it one wants to learn up to 20 new cards, but only from cards with specific tags, so that it only shows those as new cards.

You can control New cards by Tags using a Filtered Deck, but not during a regular study session. What might work for you though is to use subdecks and per-deck limits to control the cards. Take a look at how the v3 scheduler works with choosing New cards. The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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